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Equipped with two high-performance fans, the MHP140-A and MHP120, the dual tower heatsink features two sets of heatsink towers for maximum cooling capacity. Its unique design boasts a wider cooling area, swiftly dissipating hot air to ensure the CPU operates at peak efficiency.
The Forza 135 air cooler is fitted with an elegant cap decoration which not only ornaments the design, but also prevents oxidation of the heat pipe.
Forza 135 is equipped with COUGAR MHP140-A and MHP120 high-performance fans. Both fans have durable metallic-reinforced motor hub & metal bearing shell design, providing high airflow & high static pressure to achieve an optimum balance between ultra-silent operation and extremely cooling. They are perfect partners for Forza 135 that deliver outstanding performance.
For even greater heat dissipation efficiency, the Forza 135 features a unique 90-degree flip shape on both ends of the heatsink fins. This closed-space design creates an air tunnel that blocks airflow from the sides of the radiator, generating differing air pressure on each side of the Forza 135. This pressure differential significantly enhances airflow through the fins, maximizing cooling efficiency.
In contrast to other air coolers, the Forza 135 boasts a greater number of heat pipes, ensuring optimal heat transfer. Its seven heat pipes, each with a 6mm diameter, are crafted using reflow soldering and feature a highly polished copper surface. These design features enhance the heat transfer mechanism, greatly improving conductance and cooling capability.
The Forza 135 has undergone design verification and installation testing to ensure superior compatibility with components such as RAM and GPUs, including those on AM5 and LGA1700/LGA2011/2066 sockets, from most brands. Users can confidently choose their preferred components without any concerns about compatibility.
The Forza 135 is an excellent choice for PC DIY enthusiasts, as it can be easily installed in most multi-functional mid-tower chassis that support ATX/E-ATX motherboards with a height restriction of up to 160mm.
The Forza 135 is supplied with an additional set of fan clips, enabling users to install a third fan from any brand for increased heat dissipation efficiency. Why settle for less when you can have more?
For improved installation convenience, the Forza 135 includes an INTEL/AMD bracket set that can be easily installed in just a few simple steps. Additionally, a screwdriver is included in the package for direct use by users without any prerequisites.